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Your photography has a big job to do…

Nowadays, the standard for quality product photography is high. Your photos need to convey quality, stand out from the crowd, and convert. Quickly. From styled studio shots, to photos of your product actually in use, there’s no end to the ways you can get creative with your product photography.

Our goal is to help you stop the scroll.


“Abigaillllllllllllllllll!!!! I am more than happy to have had the chance to work with her. Her communication was not only efficient but also so personable and genuine. We went through every aspect of my brand and I could see that she wanted to fully understand my vision in efforts to execute the best results. I felt like we bonded over one phone call, like she knew me, and knew what I wanted to see as representation for the brand. In the end I was beyond shocked at how amazing the photos were, how they were exactly what I wanted, and most importantly how I didn’t have to coach her as I’ve had to do with every other photographers. With tears in my eyes I scrolled through the photos and immediately text my business partners. I knew she needed to be showcased not only for her talents but also her work ethic all with short turnaround time.”

Andrea, Vibrationz Candles

"Abby's work is fantastic, we employed her services for our product shots for our e-commerce business. We are very happy with her work methods and outcome. I can wholeheartedly recommend Abby's photography services."

Albert, Liquix

How can you show your products at their best?

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White Background

While they might seem boring, you need a plain background shot of each of your products. They are the standard for ecommerce listings, put your product front and center, and can be easily used across multiple platforms.

Lifestyle Images

What better way to inspire your customers than to show your product in use? Lifestyle images show your products in their natural setting, whether it’s in a home or on a model. They help your customers visualize owning your product, and are essential when it comes to optimizing sales.

Creative Studio

This is your chance to style your products in a way that invokes your brand’s personality and “wows” your audience. There are so many ways to creatively showcase your products, and these studio images allow you to see them as you never have before.

Ecommerce Photos & Graphics

Ecommerce sites have very strict specifications on the product photos you submit. From formatting and resolution, to the amount of white space allowed in the image – it can be difficult to cover it all. We know how to optimize for ecommerce, and can even create graphics and composites.


Can I mail my products to you?

Yes! Our clients are from all over, and we are happy to photograph mailed products. If you want your products back, just make sure to include a pre-paid packaging label.

How far in advance should I contact you?

We recommend 4-6 weeks of planning to create the optimal shoot for your brand. And also to reserve your preferred date! If you require a quick turnaround, we do offer expedited editing for an additional fee.

What affects the pricing?

We normally build custom quotes based on the types of photos you want and the number of products that need to be photographed. If you require expedited editing, rented locations, models, focus stacking (for small items like jewelry), or advanced touch-ups, that will be included in the pricing.

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