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A quality headshot is one of the most important photos to have. From social media profiles, to corporate portals and speaking engagements, your headshot needs legs. That’s why it’s important to invest in a headshot photographer that understands your needs and knows how to show you as the qualified, professional you are.


“Abigail was very professional and worked with my hectic schedule. She was very communicative and had great creativity throughout the entire process. I wanted to work with her to take headshots based on the quality branding photos I had seen of hers. During the shoot Abigail was very creative, bringing a researched approach to blocking, posing, and using the environment. She kept suggesting more and more photo situations which I never would have thought of, and took great care in getting a variety of shots. She did a great job in finding the pictures which represent the best you!” 

– Ravi S.

“A great experience and fantastic results! If you’re not one who enjoys getting your picture taken, Abigail should be your go-to photographer. The process with her is very comfortable and natural, creating a variety of amazing photos to use as a result!” 

– Evelyn Y.

Types of headshot photography

Believe it or not, not all headshots are the same! Depending on your usage, the final product will be very different.

Corporate Headshot

Generally very well lit with minimal shadows, corporate headshots demonstrate your credibility and approachability. These polished images are used on LinkedIn, websites, and company materials, projecting reliability and professionalism. Neutral backgrounds, business attire, and subtle lighting are hallmarks of this type of headshot photography.

Actor Headshots

Vibrant and emotive, actor headshots showcase an actor's versatility and personality. These dynamic portraits help casting directors visualize the actor in various roles. Backgrounds vary, lighting sets the mood, and wardrobe choices demonstrate adaptability. Actor headshots are windows into an actor's potential to convey emotions and tell stories.

Model Headshots

Capturing a model's essence, model headshots are essential for portfolios and castings. These images emphasize facial features and aesthetics, with varied lighting and backgrounds to suit different niches.

Speaker Headshots

Speaker headshots radiate confidence and authority, vital for promotional materials and event platforms. These engaging portraits emphasize relatability and expertise. Balanced lighting enhances facial expressions, subdued backgrounds direct focus, and carefully-chosen attire resonate with the audience. Speaker headshots visually convey the speaker's ability to connect and captivate audiences.

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One Person
These sessions are a perfect way to get updated corporate, actor, model, and speaker headshots.
A 30-45 minute session
10 high-resolution, edited images
Choice of black, white, and grey backgrounds
Up to two outfits
2-8 People
The specifics of headshot sessions with more than one person vary due to the types of photos they need. 
For example, a corporate session would take much less time than an actor session. We work with you to figure out what makes the most sense.
9+ People
Help your employees show up and stand out. Please inquire for custom pricing.

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Can I get a singular team photo as part of my shoot?

Yes! Just make sure to mention it when we start planning the shoot.

Do you include hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup is not included in the above pricing, but we can certainly arrange it for you!

Where will I get my headshots done?

That all depends on you. Some prefer outdoor headshots, while others are looking for a studio setup. We are also happy to go to your offices!